Ms Suhai Aziz Interview

Every member of whatsapp-based group called Women Rights and Sexual Minorities, welcomed Suhai Aziz.

Razia Junejo: would you please tell us about yourself and your job profile.

Suhai: Thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity, I am glad to be here. I am a commerce graduate, done my post-graduation in MACRO economics from University of Sindh. I was doing Chartered accountancy intermediate, when I took the exam of CSS back in 2012. Initially, I served in Garden subdivision of district Karachi. Eventually, I was allocated to police services of Pakistan. Currently, I am serving as Superintended of Police Headquarters Hyderabad.

Razia Junejo: Amazing! It must have taken years of dedications and hard work to be where you are today.

Ali palh: What were the motivational factors behind your CSS attempt? Were you a normal student or extra ordinary?

Suhai: I never worked for this. I was doing CA. This is something that was not planned at all. My job as a law enforcement officer is kind of gift from Almighty. CSS is not at all hard job. It just needs common sense and language skills.

Nasira Abid: Yes I agree with you Suhai, having concentration is necessary as well, your ingrained qualities will surely be enhanced the government department.

Razia Junejo: So what were your initial thoughts about joining this field? What made you think that you can do this, where women’s presences is very low.

Suhai: Well jobs are not gender specific. I have not taken it that way. Law gives me authority; I exercise my powers for curbing crimes and maintain law and order. My initial thoughts were very clear, peace and rule of law is my priority. I have not faced any hurdle in my career because of my gender.

Razia Junejo: Yes, you are right it should be like that, but people do not really chose that career in Pakistan, which has very conservative society. I have lived far away so have not been able to see evidence the changes that have taken place. I believe that you a role model for other women, who might will think this as career rather than just choosing being doctor or teacher.

Narsira Abid: A global report shows that Pakistani women still face the world’s worst inequality in access to health care, education, and work. The annual Gender Gap Index by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum released on Tuesday showed Pakistan ranked 141 out of 142, second last in global gender equality.

Erum Shah: Suhai can you please tell us about your inspiration and whom will you give credit for your success?

Haseen Musrat: would you be any help in requiting more women in the police force.

Suhai: There are female staff at women police station.

Haseen Musrat: what kind of hurdles women face in police department? Are you satisfied from the roll of police regarding women issues, such as rape and honour killing?

Krishan Dhiman: Suhai, police failed to provide protection to religious minorities. In Hyderabad, more than five Hindu girls of 13 to 15 years of age have been abducted within last three months. Police is demanding amount for fuel to investigate to the case. Can you support in recovering these girls?

Suhai: please kindly send me details of three minor Hindu girls, who has been abducted in Hyderabad. This hasn’t come into my knowledge.

It was very kind of Suhai for showing interest and she gave time to meet the parents of those girls, she met with them on the time and date she said she will see them and reassured them for relocated for their daughters.

Erum Shah: I am looking for any helpline in police for women to register complain in case they are unable to go out of home to register complain.

Erum Shah: what contribution did you made for making decision for your own marriage?

Kanwal Aijaz: do you wear makeup. What kind of music do you listen? Who is your favourite singer?

Kashif Arain: It is our pleasure to know about you. Almighty Allah make you example for other girls. Best wishes for your dedicating services.

RightsNow Pakistan: as per report of HRCP in 2015 there were more than 1,100 "honour killings." Over 900 cases of sexual violence were reported against women, and nearly 800 women committed or attempted to commit suicide. This shows lack of enforcement of pro women laws and lack of commitment by the Government.

By showing Suhai's pics in the women rights groups, moderators created inspiration among young educated girls and women. Many women shared that now they want to get their daughters prepared for the job in police.

Suhai Talpurs pictures during training and security exercise were impetus for women rights defenders who shared that their level of confidence has increased. Being a woman, they do not feel helpless.

All women in the group were of the view that respect can be earned by education and education helps women get power and share in decision making.

Currently Suhai Talpurs' deployment as ASP in Hyderabad has encouraged women to report more cases of women rights violations shared by Ali Palh a human rights lawyer. He added Ms Talpur has created a path so now other women/girl will walk on it and get to their destination.

Suhai Talpur's presence at Hyd has shown all of us that men can accept women 's power and authority.

Her presence must have impact on women's security and safety said Rubina Chandio a women rights defender

Haseen Musrat a woman rights activists said: If a woman is posted as SP then women are respect at police stations.

Kami Sid- representative of trans community said- we also feel good if women are deployed as police officers. We feel more secured.

Civil Society activist Zulfiqar Halepoto said: Now Suhai Talpur has broken stereo type.

Anum Durani said: I feel i should appear in CSS exam and join police after meeting Suhai.

Zarina Nawaz a women rights defender said: Women have leadership and managerial qualities -we can see in Suhai talpur.


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