Ms Rubina Qaimkhani Interview

Ms Rubina Qaimkhani is a ex-minister of a provincial assembly. She worked as a Parliamentary secretary Ministry of Human Rights. She also worked as Chairperson NA standing committee on Social Welfare and special Education from 2008 until 2010. She is also known as a social and political activist in interior and urban Sindh.

Before the start of the interview, Ali Palh and Razia Sultana Junejo sent the introduction with pictures.

When Razia sultana Junejo added Ms. Qaimkhani in the group, everyone warmly welcomed her.

Ali Palh: Dear all kindly get ready and phrase out your questions for Madam Rubina KK we will start interview on time                        
Rubina Chandio: That is great Ali & Razia to invite ex-minister of women development                                     

Razia Sultana Junejo: Please dear members welcome Ms. Rubina Qaimkhanis. We are very grateful for her giving us time.                        
Rubina Qaimkhani: Salam all of u                        
Syeda Quart Shah: Madam thanks for moving our summary to CM.                     

 Rubina Qaimkhani: I think, now we can start the interview                         
Dharejo It's honour to have you here.     

Syeda Quart Shah: Madam how was your experience as minister WDD   
Rubina Qaimkhani: It was a great experience with the women Dev                        

Nazakat Ali Sheikh: I would like to ask question with permission, when you were human right minister did you ever face difficulties or threat from religious people, sardars' waderas in your work for human rights?                        
Khadim Hussain: Assalaam Alaikum, it's nice once again to join the group. I am also very much interested in women issues in Pakistan and what steps respective governments have taken to address the gender equality!? Sorry, I should introduce myself, I am a district Councillor on Bradford Metropolitan Council and former Lord Mayor of Bradford                   

Syeda Quart Shah: Thanks Madam g.                      
Rubina Qaimkhani: I was a parliamentary sec in Federal when I was Member National Assembly                        
Razia Sultana Junejo: guys we will wait for those question’s answers before sending more.                          
Syeda Quart Shah: Agree with Razia g.                        
Rubina Qaimkhani: Yes, I faced difficulties but not any kind of threats                        
Nasira Abid: Welcome miss Rubina sahiba.                        
Nazakat Ali Sheikh: Which kind of difficulties? Rubina Qaimkhani sahiba                        
Rubina Qaimkhani: We have done a lot of legislation relating the women's and children's                        

Razia Sultana Junejo: Please tell us what are the three major things you have done for women during your ministership and how we believe that you had done that.                        
Ali Palh: welcome Rubina KK sahiba   
          Rubina Qaimkhani: Yes, interesting question, Razia Junejo. 
Rubina Qaimkhani: I have passed child restraint bill, also I have passed       provincial commission.
I am working for empowerment of women a summary for creation of     revolving funds through first women bank ltd has been very kindly approved by chief minister to provide credit facilities/ funds to talented deserving women entrepreneurs to start/ support their own small business in the field of textile, agriculture and food, art & craft and other.                        

Rubina Qaimkhani: We passed Domestic violence bill Sind child marriage restraint bill, Provincial commission for facilitating and monitoring the implementation of domestic violence.                        
Dr. Mastoee: Welcome mam                        
Nasira Abid: Ma'am do you think that privatising education will enhance the quality of education?

Syeda Quart Shah: Madam as I'm working in WDD since last nine years but I found that in women ministry majority employees are male?  Y the strength of women is less as compare to men.   
Rubina Qaimkhani: There are very much challenges in the ministry, I faced many difficulties working with the majority of male employees, because they were not very much interested to women issues, Qurat shah your question is valid these appointments were taken before I took charge.                        

Syeda Quart Shah: Yes, madam minister you are right they were appointed before you.                        
Erum Shah: Salam madam can you please share what type of challenges you faced as women development minister?              

Rubina Qaimkhani: There are very much challenges in the ministry, I faced many difficulties working with the majority of male employees, because they were not very much interested to women issues, Qurat shah your question is valid these appointments were taken before I took charge.                        

Shireen: Welcome dear Rubina, Shireen here from Aurat Foundation.                         
Razia Sultana Junejo: Please use voice option, if you like.                        

Nasira Abid: Ma'am Rubina u r an active member regarding education, welfare and privatising                        
 Nasira Abid: Kindly answer my question.                        
Syeda Quart Shah: Me too waiting madam g.                       

Rubina Qaimkhani: No I don't think that privatising the education enhance the quality of education                        
 Nasira Abid: Thanks                        

Nasira Abid: Ma'am do you have concern regarding curriculum too?                        

Safina Javad: Well come dear Rubina, I am   Peace Activist, from Karachi, can you address the loophole in legislation and implementation process please replay.                        
Ali: Safina s question is on enforcement of laws -Rubina KK g                         
Ali: good                        
Ali Palh: Nasira s on education n curriculum                        
Nasira Abid: Ji waiting too, as m of education Dept.                        
Ali Palh: 👏 interview going well

Rubina Qaimkhani: yes there are loopholes and there are hurdles regarding implementation of law but we are trying to raise awareness campaign through media.
Erum Shah: Madam what do you think women working in the public sector are being threaten? What government is doing in ensuring their security, so they can perform their duties without any fear?

Nasira Abid: I think women everywhere are in fear of such threats, physical vulnerability makes them so.

                    Erum Shah: Thanks

Ali Palh:  we appreciate you deal with case of burnt lady from Mirpurkhas.

Rubina Qaimkhani: Thanks very much

Ali Palh: can u talk about that and give update to participants on her case and what help was given by you?
This lady was burnt by brother in law at Mirpurkhas and admitted at civil hospital Hyd.

Rubina Qaimkhani: This lady changed her statement, it didn’t matched with her pervious statement. I tried to give bring him to justice.

Dr. Mastoee: The rights of women bill passed in provisional assembly against domestic violence but why still it is not implemented so what would you say about that?
            Rubina Qaimkhani:  We are working on honour killing bill in Sindh.

Ali Palh: Good we appreciate that.

Rubina Qaimkhani: we are formulating ombudsman in Sindh and ombudsman is working very actively and many cases are registered. And women should be confident if any case of harassment comes and they should register the care. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful association.

Ali Palh: appointing ombudsman is good idea.

Ali Palh:  Sindh has 29 districts and there is no single SSP police heading any district. How can gender will be balanced?

            Rubina Qaimkhani: I do not have exact figure of appointments.

Ali Palh: One Nasima Panhwar also replaced.

                                    Nasira Abid:  Acha, we hope you may raise voice for a balance.
Rubina Qaimkhani: All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law, there should be no discrimination because of sex alone.
Thanks to All!


Everyone thanked her at the end of the interview.


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