Ms Mukhtar Naz Dharejo Interview

We were very pleased to have Waderi Nazo on our Women’s Rights and Sexual Minorities platform.

Mukhtar Naz Dharejo is recognized by the name of Waderi Nazo; she is the residence of Kazi Ahmed. She is considered a local legend due to her bold stance on dealing with her ongoing battle to protect her land from people who are attempting to grab her agricultural land; She is always armed with a single Kalashnikov for her safety, whenever she makes rounds on her land. In the two decades she is looking after her land whilst supervising her workforce, making sure that land is productive and profitable. She is also taking part in politics and supports PML-N, her long term goal is to become the Chief Minister of Sindh.

Her husband is very supportive of her role in the community and he is also a landlord. They have four children together.

When Ali Palh and Razia Sultana Junejo announced her profile in the group with pictures, group members were very excited and said she is such an inspirational, incredible lady and a positive role model.Some women approached us through Facebook and wished to meet with face to face.

We are starting the interview by welcoming Waderi Nazo.

Ali Palh:welcomed Waderi Nazo and requested all the members to get their questions ready.
Razia Sultana Junejo: asked members too welcome Nazo g in the group, it is such a pleasure for us that she is with us.        
Waderi Nazo:Assalamualaikum, I’m Nazo Dharejo, I’m a landlady, I participate in politics and I’m also a social worker.
Razia Sultana Junejo: That's really great
Syeda Quart Shah: Welcome g
Razia Sultana Junejo: u r a such an inspirational lady
Waderi Nazo: thank you so much!

Syeda Quart Shah: Nazo where are you from g?

Waderi Nazo:adi, Ibelong to one of Sindh’s city called Kazi Ahmed and near to that city there is a small village Dayraan, I was born there.
Syeda Quart Shah:Ma sha ALLAH g.
Razia Sultana Junejo: We posted about your interview on Facebook and lots of women messaged me, admiring you after reading about you. They all wished to meet with you.
Waderi Nazo: I am so grateful to be invited by you, I am so pleased to meet you here. 
Saima Gul:Good to hear you.      
Ume Kalsom: Welcome mam                  

Syeda Quart Shah: Dear g what kind of problems you are facing while you are working in different fields?
Waderi Nazo:yes, adi, obviously I faced lots of difficulties in the beginning, I lost my only brother at the age of 18 or 19, it was the year of 1992. After that one year I lost my father as well. I belong to a Zamidar family, which is part of this work from last seven generations and they do not approve of girls education. After all this, my father gave me permission to get education. I got BA. When my father past away, we didnot have any other way of supporting ourselves financially but to look after our lands. I also faced family quarrels as well. I felt difficulties first going out and managing everything but then with the help of Allah I covered everything quickly. There were challenges of land grabbing, which I dealt with my own with my people and secured my lands. I was facing fights with the MP and MNAs and were very influential, they were making false cases against my workers. They also make cased against me but I am not scared of them. My aim is to fight and not to give up. With the grace of Allah, I have achieved a lot in last 22 years. 
Ume Kalsom: Mam can you please tell me that why you have joined PML-N league whereas your area is under rule of PPP?
Waderi Nazo:adi, you asked why I have joined PML-N when there is PPP in Sindh. I love Sindh every much, I tell you that I was part of a group and we decided within us to join PML-N. However, at that time they all left PML-N, however, PML-N trusted me and give me seat for MPA and whoever trust me I never break their trust. 
Razia Sultana Junejo: Just to let youknow, in this forum, there are many lawyers, writers, women right activists.
Rubina: Chandio: Welcome Nazo ji  

Rubina Chandio: Salam adi can you tell us your experienceon why women are not able to achieve their desire status in society?
Waderi Nazo: adi, I feel that there are difficult things in this world but they are not impossible. The work that I have done yet no women has been able to do it in Sindh. I was not only being able to do zamdari but faced my enemies at the same time as well. If women keep working on their goals with perseverance, then nothing can stop them.
Razia Sultana Junejo: No Rubina they can
Razia Sultana Junejo: She has
Rubina Chandio:Razia I am asking in general way
 Syeda Quart Shah: Appreciating your efforts.
Ume Kalsom: 👍🏻
Razia Sultana Junejo: Very good      
Rubina Chandio: Good adi Nazo                        

Razia Sultana Junejo:How do you define will power?
Waderi Nazo: I feel the real power is used for the betterment of others.
Mushtaq Mirani: What is psychology of feudal and why he always works against Sindh?
Waderi Nazo:The wadera of our Sindh all wants that people always live under their rules and become like a slave, and for this they keep people away from education.

Razia Sultana Junejo: One of our women right activist Haseen Musarat has asked that who is your source of inspiration?                                                
Waderi Nazo: My Father

Syeda Quart Shah: Nazo g I want to asked u that in your entire journey is there any male who has supported you. Like your brother?
Waderi Nazo: yes, adi, it’s right somebody has helped me and supported me. my husband and my father who gave strength and belief that there is no difference between son and daughter. These men are behind my success.
Syeda Quart Shah: Ma Sha Allah excellent Nazo g.
Razia Sultana Junejo: but Nazo g you were born a leader.
Waderi Nazo: adi there are two types of leaders, some are those who are born leader and other leaders are that make their own personalities. 

Mushtaq Mirani: What pirs and murshids make Sindhis mental slaves?
Waderi Nazo:Ada Mushtaq Sindh is place of Sufis and they have always taught us the lesson of love and peace. But there are also pirs who gives wrong teaching and people are following them. I won’t say that they are all the same.
Ume Kalsom: Have you ever felt that you have chosen a hard aim to achieve?
Waderi Nazo:you are right to say that I always chosen difficult tasks I don’t like easy things.       

Razia Sultana Junejo: Do you have girl’s schools in your village?
Waderi Nazo: We have girls school in our village but there are no teachers, my aim is that my village’s kids get education.
Razia Sultana Junejo:But you are there for last 20 years, has nothing been done yet.

Syeda Qurat Shah: Have u done something for your villagers?
Waderi Nazo: adi I have done a lot for my village, there were thieves who were robbing my villagers. I have shift there recently and I live there few days a week. Also my husband and my mother lives there. I have made possible to have a police station there who help me in these matters. If any problem happens in my village I get there instantly doesn’t matter it is day or night.

Ali Palh:  Are you a member of any agricultural forms?
Waderi Nazo:I am president of Sindh Chamber of Agricultural Division Nawabshah.
Razia Sultana Junejo: Wow, good                        
Mushtaq Mirani:But pirs and murshids have Sindhis mental slaves. Why we should be slaves to pirs. It means we are happy to be slaves.
Razia Sultana Junejo: That is sad ada, but it's only happening where people are kept away from education.                                                 

Ali Palh: Adi why do you keep Kalashnikov with you all the time?  Have you ever tried on someone?
Waderi Nazo:Yes, ada I keep Kalashnikov with me all the times as there are so many problems to deal with regarding water and I visit my lands, and also due to I need to deal with our enemies.
Ada, nobody has been harm with it yet but I have fired it when confrontations were taking place with opponents.  
Razia Sultana Junejo: I love the idea of carrying a gun. I do not need it but if I was in that environment and situation, I would feel safer.

 AliPalh: How do you see love marriage, what are your opinions about Karo Kari?
Saima Gul: Nice question Ali Sahib
Waderi Nazo: I think whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage, after marriage it is same thing. At the end of day it’s about compromise. But the one who do stupidity and leave their parents’ house and run away, those one   always lives with full of guilt and with difficulties. I feel that Karo Kari custom is totally wrong and still nothing has been done in Sindh, government should take big steps in regards to this. 
Razia Sultana Junejo: What kind of action do u think the government should take?

Razia Sultana Junejo: What will you do if you become MNA?
Waderi Nazo: adi, nothing will change by becoming MNA, I wish to become Chief Minister of Sindh and want to solve all the problems of Sindh.
Razia Sultana Junejo: that's the sprit                        

Saima Gul: Wish you good luck Nazo g                        

Ali Palh: Adi do you cook or do you have domestic servant?
Waderi Nazo: ada, not only I cook but I look after my husband, I look after my kids and my mother as well. I have domestic workers but if they are not there I even wash my washroom. 
Ali Palh: very nice adi.

Rubina Chandio: In your eyes what are big challenge for woman in Pakistani politics?
Waderi Nazo: one that women need to support each other and they should keep high level of integrity.
Ali Palh: which one is your favourite? Who is your favourite star and poet?
                     Waderi Nazo: Hero is my favourite film
            Razia Sultana Junejo:That's was a nice film.

Saima Gul: How do you strengthen women in politics?    
Waderi Nazo:women need to support each other and they should keephigh level of integrity.
Ali Palh: excellent adi

Razia Sultana Junejo: I read in the one of your interview that I liked a lot was that you liked your husband before marriage.                                                                          
Waderi Nazo:There is no doubt about it, twelve years before the marriage I used to like my husband, there was no commitment with him, he was my cousin I liked him and I used to wish to marry him. I waited for him and thanks to Allah I have, we are wife and husband but we are good friends as well.
Razia Sultana Junejo: MashaAllah may Allah always keep u happy with each other
Ali Palh: that’s really nice adi.
Ali Palh: If wife is more famous than husband, does it effect on their behaviour.
Waderi Nazo:There is no much difference takes place in the behaviour of my husband. He always has supported me.
Ali Palh: Good adi

Rubina Chandio: Can we except any change from top leadership of big political parties to give space or opportunities to woman?will they do as you want to become CM, because they are all male?
Waderi Nazo: adi that’s thing is in the hand of Allah, and I believe that one day I will be Chief Minister.
Nasira Abid: Wow that's the spirit    
Razia Sultana Junejo: Yes, Insha’Allah u will                                                 

Nasira Abid: Your real name is Mukhtiar, how come you liked to be called Nazo?
Waderi Nazo: My real name is Mukhtiar Naz but as a nick name my family called me as a Nazo. 

Ali Palh:God forbid, if you come to know that your husband is involved with someone else and he wants to marry them, how you will deal that?
Waderi Nazo:If he is involved with somebody else and wants to get married to someone else then I won’t mind at all. I don’t believe in keeping someone forcefully when it comes to love.  I will give him blessing that he lives happy but at the same time I will not stay with him.
Nasira Abid: Oh good
Razia Sultana Junejo: That's good adi                        
Razia Sultana Junejo: wow                        
Rubina Chandio: Zabardast adi                        

Ali Palh: Zabardast, I liked your answer,محبتن ۾ زبردستي 
Nasira Abid: Love never leads to persuasion too.
Razia Sultana Junejo: yes                        
Rubina Chandio: Really I also liked your views adi   
Samani Abro: Wow. What a philosophy on love. 
Razia Sultana Junejo: That's the way should be Samani Abro                        


At this point Adi Nazo sent a picture with her husband in the group. Everyone really like it.

Nasira Abid: Who are your children close to the most?
Waderi Nazo: they love us both a lot. My elder daughter is very close to her father and so does my son, my other two daughters are very close to me. Anyhow they love us both.

Nasira Abid: What do you tell your children about their father?
Waderi Nazo: I have always said in front of my kids that respect your father and he is man of the house.I always asked to show respect to him and this is better for this world and for in the end of world.
Nasira Abid: Good.

Sawan Kumar Bheel:adi, these waderas have brought so much pain to underprivileged land workers.
Waderi Nazo: We don’t have that system; a worker holds 50 present of share in the felids. There are some places where these things happen but injustices don’t happen. These workers’ borrow money and do not want to give money back or to work that’s why they are hold there. There are some NGO, who have done wrong propaganda that there are private jails but this is not true. Maybe there may be places like that be they not all the same.
                      Nasira Abid: Good
Razia Sultana Junejo: But it is wrong to hold someone against their will, even if they are not willing to work.                        

Razia Sultana Junejo: That's can only happen when there is great understanding.                        
Sawan Kumar Bheel: It is sad that still today in this time haryanies are not paid properly for the job they do.
Nasira Abid: Adi you have an authoritative voice.
Ali Palh: assertive.
Nasira Abid: Authoritative voice                        
Nasira Abid: Holds breath of others                                                 
Sawan Kumar Bheel: adithere is one very famous case of Mano Bheelin Sindh, in 1998 nine members of his family was kept hostage by Zamidar. The FIR is also in place.
Erum Shah: Salam adi Nazo good to hear you on this platform. I am also from Qazi Ahmed "Pad" I was keep hearing the story of Waderi Nazo Dharejo since childhood, you arereally inspiring brave lady.


Waderi Nazo:  It was really a pleasure to talk in this group, I will say goodbye as it is time for prayers. 
Razia Sultana Junejo: okay that's fine, thank you so much for giving us time.

Everyone in the group thanked her for her time, there were still questions left unanswered which she will reply them to us and we will update this interview.
There are still few questions were unanswered which will be updated soon.
Thanks for reading and visiting our website.


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