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Mr. Ali Ahmed Palh usually goes by Ali Palh. He is
a lawyer and member of the District Bar in Pakistan
with seven years experience in litigation,



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Training for Human Rights Defenders on Protection.

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Application OPen for MA Peace & Development, Leeds, UK

The twin challenges of global poverty and violent conflict require us to understand how the tasks of peacebuilding and development can work together to enable communities, countries and regions to improve people’s lives.

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TRaining For Women Rights Defenders or Human Rights NGOs.
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Columbia University's AHDA Fellowship Opportunity

Columbia University is pleased to welcome applications for the 2013 Fellowship for Historical Dialogue and Accountability. We encourage interested parties from around the world and from a wide range of professional sectors including, but not limited to, human rights practitioners, journalists, academics, educators, filmmakers, artists
The deadline to submit applications is 1 March 2013.

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The legal fellowships programme Apply Now!!

SAWF is pleased to announce the launch of its Legal Fellowship Programme. The call is open to women lawyers, women human rights defenders with para-legal training working in small towns at the primary/lower court level in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and have at least two year's experience of working on women's rights issues through a feminist legal praxis. The last date for receiving applications is 31st January 2013. Please note that SAWF will receive applications in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Nepali and Sinhala.

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Applications are invited for appointment to the post of Civil Judge & JUdicial Magisterate (BPS 18) by Honorable High Court of Sindh.

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One day training workshop on "HUMAN RIGHTS, DEMOCRACY AND YOUTH MOBILIZATION" on 12th January 2013 at RightsNow Pakistan office Hyderabad.

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Welcome to our website

RightsNow Pakistan is a local civil society initiative, governed by a vibrant Board of Directors consists of renowned human rights lawyers, journalists, development activist and other civil society actors, who are striving for the positive change in the society and are concerned about the current situation of human rights and human security.
The purpose of establishing RightsNow Pakistan is to establish an educated, just, well informed society that respects dissent, human rights and act rationally and nonviolently. Currently the situation of human rights in Pakistan is abysmally alarming. Security situation for lawyers, journalists and ordinary citizens is deteriorating. Since 2001, more than 35 journalists have lost lives in Pakistan. 12 Lawyers have been killed recent Karachi violence. Thousands of innocent and peace loving Pakistanis have lost their lives in different violent incidents across the country.

For improving the level of security and human rights situation in Pakistan, RightsNow Pakistan believes that sincere and dedicated efforts need to be taken by the citizens and civil society to support the willing State to reduce the violence and protect human rights. Elimination of violence and improvement in human rights is possible only by building the capacity of State institutions, individuals and civil society actors who use tested nonviolent strategies. Education of people on basic humane values like nonviolence, tolerance, pluralism, respect for dissent and human rights is necessary. Promotion of citizen journalism is an area or tool which people of Pakistan can use for the monitoring, documentation of human rights and achievement of fair and speedy just. Once people are educated and sensitized on human and equal rights, immense respect for people’s rights, space for democratic dialogue will be created and accommodation for dissent will be promoted.

RightsNow Pakistan and Sindh Progressive Lawyers Forum condemn violent Act by the Punjab police.
RightsNow Pakistan, Sindh Progress Lawyers Forum strong condemn violent act by the Punjab Government against civilians protested against the police action for removing the barricades placed in front of Allama Qadri House.........

RightsNow Pakistan condemns the killing of Handri Masih, Member of Balouchistan Assembly.
Handri Masih, who is reportedly shot and killed by his own security guard, Agha Ghulam Muhyuddin, just outside his residence in Nawa Kali area of Quetta. This guard was deputed by the Home & Tribal Affairs Department and belong to Balochistan Levies. Guard according to the media sources, security guard was working with the legislator since last 14 years........

Digging Up Bhooro’s grave and throwing his deadbody away :Sign of intolerance for religious minorities- Act is strongly condemned
Amid high slogans of ALLAHU AKBAR (God is great), a crowd led by some clerics of the extremist outfit of Ahle Sunaat Jamaat dug up the grave of a Hindu man in southern part of Pakistan, known as land of sufis (mystic), and threw the body away which was lying on the road.......

A Change Agent is Killed- Hope ‘hope for justice’ will not be shattered
RightsNow Pakistan strong condemned the brutal murder of local women rights defender working on women’s health rights and empowerment in Ghotki. Sahib Khatun Mirani sustained five bullets i.e. one in the leg, one in the chin and one in the face and rest in other parts of her body......

RightsNow Pakistan Demands Immediate Release of Human Rights Defender Adilur Rahman Khan
RightsNow Pakistan condemns the arrest of secretary of Odhikar, a Bangladesh based human rights organization arrest by Metropolitan police under fabricated charges. Adil is a leading human rights defender,former Deputy Attorney General and a Supreme Court lawyer.....

Thirteen People Recovered from Brick Klin on order of Session Judge Tando Allahyar
Thirteen peasants of bhatti family including men, women and children were recovered from illegal detention from a brick klin namely SHANDAR BATHA owned by M Khan Pathan near Tando Allahyar. They were released by the Session Judge Tando Allahyar after their statements were recorded on Friday at the District Court Building Tando Allahyar......

RightsNow Pakistan Condemns Harrasment of Human Rights Lawyer
RightsNow Pakistan is seriously concerned for the safety and security of Mr. Lakshan Dias, a human rights lawyer, and the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) Steering Committee member who is being followed and harassed by motorcyclist and white van.Using white van by state agents for abduction of human rights defenders is an old style in Sri Lanka......

RightsNow Pakistan Calls for an Independent & Impartial Investigation By An Honest Police Officer
Five young boys of Chandio community namely Ayaz s/o Saleem Chandio, Shakeel Ahmed s/o Mohummad Malook, Fayaz Ali s/o Sabu alias Sabir Chandio, Mushtaq s/o Allah Ditto, Akram s/o Pyaro Chandio have been booked under blasphemy law on complaint filed by a member of religious organization on 23 January 2013 for an incident happened on the same date.....

RightsNow Pakistan condemns attack on young orthopaedic Dr. Asim Niaz Channa by three armed men while he was returning from his clinic in his car in Qasimabad. This incident happened near the home of the doctor. Dr. Asim Niaz Channa, son of prominent doctor and social activist Dr. Niaz Channa was injured in the attack. Two of three attackers have been identified and FIR has been lodged against three of them by Ahsan Niaz Channa, brother of the victim Dr. Asim Niaz. According to reports, shot gun has been used in the....

Kidnapped Lawyer Returns Home- RightsNow Pakistan Slams the Criminal Act & Demand for Action against Kidnappers
RightsNow Pakistan is relieved to announce the return of advocate Mohan Lal, a Hindu lawyer who was kidnapped last December 2011. Mohan Lal has been missing for last few months and finally returned home on 31st March, 2012. He was dropped outside the city of Mirpurkhas on the by-pass road at 11 am.....
Target Killing of Three Lawyers in Karachi
Four lawyers were attacked by unidentified armed men in Karachi. Three were killed while fourth one is in critical condition in the hospital. Pakistan Bar Council has announced a nationwide strike in protest of the killings. Now total number of lawyer’s killing in Karachi reaches to 14..........
Subordinate Judiciary Staff on Strike – Injustice with Subordinate Judiciary in Sindh- Who will do the Justice?
The call for a two-day PEN DOWN strike across the province was given by the All Sindh Subordinate Judicial Staff Welfare Organization for pay rise. It started on Friday, 6th January 2012 and continued for the second consecutive day, Saturday 7th January, 2012. It mustered support from the civil society, the Sindh Bar Council, Karachi, Hyderabad, and other Bar Associations.
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Long Arm of the Law………Use it for the protection of animals, birds, trees and environment!
Advocate Kanji Mal Meghwar from RightsNow Pakistan files Petition at Session Court Mithi Against Illegal Transportation of Peacock!
Those who do not believe in the long arm of the law probably have not used it. We use it and it is veryeffective and useful. Recently, our representative..........
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Journalist’s Car Attacked outside Press Club Hyderabad
The car owned by Mahesh Kumar, the former President of Press Club Hyderabad was attacked by three motor-cyclists while Mahesh was inside the club building on New Year’s Eve around 11:30 p.m. Security guard of the press club saw them firing at the car and quickly........
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Strongly condemn the abduction of a young Hindu lawyer
Mohan Lal Menghwar, a young lawyer and member of District Bar Mirpurkhas went missing yesterday while he was going to Hyderabad in his car. Advocate Mohan Law left Mirpurkhas yesterday morning at 5 am. According to Mohan Lal’s family members, Mohan Lal has been abducted by unknown people. Mohan Lal’s car has been recovered from a Tando Jam taxi stand.

Today District Bar Mirpurkhas has condemned the young lawyers’ abduction and called for his immediate release. RightsNow Pakistan condemns this dirty act and is concerned about worrying trend of abduction of minorities for ransom and other reasons compelling them to leave the province and the country. Such incidents are being reported from different parts of Pakistan on regular basis and have increased in recent past.
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Three more Enforced/Involuntary disappearances in Sindh……..Will that ever end?
Mr. Mohummad Arisar reported at RightsNow Pakistan’s office about his son’s disappearance. According to him, his son along with two friends.......
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RightsNow Pakistan condemns attack on Kawish’s news editor Mr. Niaz Ahmed Panhwer by unknown people today near Sindh University Jamshoro.
Mr. Panhwer was attacked when he was going to his home located at Jamshoro, near Sindh University Colony. He was forced to get off from his vehicle which was burnt by them.
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Silent Victims: Most Affected Yet Most Neglected
or two years in a row, Pakistan has been hit by heavy rains and severe flooding. According to one figure, total estimated number of people affected last year was over 29 million and total number of houses damaged were over 3.2 million.
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A minor girl was gang raped by a powerful man, his son, his brothers and nephews in the shadow of a fabricated marriage
RightsNow Pakistan condemns this heinous act of rape in the strongest possible terms and demands a free, fair and impartial inquiry into the matter by the police and immediate arrest of the perpetrators. RightsNow Pakistan has already conducted preliminary inquiry into the matter and a plan of sending a fact finding mission to the place of incident for further investigation. RightsNow Pakistan is in touch with NGOs, local civil society and District Bar Kotri for their strong support and cooperation in this matter. Below is summary of the incident.
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RightsNow Pakistan Calls for Security of Our Hindu Brother & Sisters
It is saddening to know that native people of Sindh and Pakistan are leaving the country for security reasons. Every day four to five Hindu families are leaving the land of their four fathers due to threats to their lives, families, and business. Recently media reported the departure of five Hindu families who migrated to India over security concerns. These five families comprised total thirty seven people who are feeling more disgruntled.1These Hindus who chose to stay in Pakistan after partition and believed Pakistan their real homeland. They have been facing threats of abductions for ransom, killings for not paying ‘bhattas’ and forced conversion.
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